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Governance Academy
May 10, 2019 09:00 AM

The Executive Director-Board Chair partnership is vital to the success of your organization. This partnership aligns your team to your mission and strategic goals, and activates engagement within your community.

Board Governance Academy is a new and innovative program designed for Executive Director and Board Chair teams to grow their skills, sharpen their focus, and refine their working partnership. A high-performing Executive Director-Board Chair team means improved organizational impact.

This program offers a multi-faceted approach to building a high-functioning partnership through in-class and e-learning, peer interaction, valuable expert input, and focused team coaching.

Your Executive Director-Board Chair team and your organization benefit!

After this intensive, five-week program, you will:

  • Strengthen your organizational culture. A high-performing Executive Director-Board Chair partnership sets your organizational tone and results in strengthened culture, increased productivity and improved program delivery.
  • Increase your board’s effectiveness. Lead your board as a team to align their work and focus on strategic goals.
  • Develop constructive conflict processes. With shared leadership and management, the Executive Director and Board Chair work collaboratively to manage conflict and apply it to increase your organizational outcomes.



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Is your organization applying through a City of Vancouver bursary program? If so, please find the bursary workshop application form here.

NOTE: Bursary funding does not extend to the Coaching workshop, webinars and BOSS conference.