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Understanding Your Organizational Capacity: Lifecycle Self-Assessment - Prince George - Nov 28 2019

Facilitator: Mark Friesen
Suggested participants: Board Members, Board Chairs, Executive Directors
Location: Prince George Conference and Civic Centre, 808 Canada Games Way, Prince George, BC
Time: 9 am - 12 pm PST

Do you feel you’re squeezing all your effort, energy and resources into delivering programs and services without a moment to take a breath and look at your internal capacity?

Capacity is another word for organizational capability and competence. An effective organization with strong internal capabilities enables impactful program and mission delivery. From our decades of experience working with not-for-profits in BC, we know that to truly understand organizational capacity, and identify the highest priority actions to further develop that capacity, it takes a more in-depth understanding of each organization through a capacity assessment.

Imagine if you could step back from the day-to-day operations and gain clarity on where to best strengthen your organization.This workshop will allow you to identify your organization’s lifecycle stage in order to pin point your exact growing pains and next steps in capacity development. Through exploring the seven different lifecycle stages and performance outcomes for each, you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of applying the lifecycle lens and capacity framework to improve mission impact and program delivery
  • Identify realistic, concrete steps the organization can take to build capacity in governance, management, financial resources and/or administrative systems
  • Explain the 7 stages of organizational lifecycle and identify the 5 areas of organizational capacity
  • Self-assess your organization’s current stage using the Nonprofit Lifecycle Selfie tool

“I was introduced to this model eleven years ago and have applied it to strategic planning processes and for planning new projects. Knowing what stage we are in informs the questions we ask and the resources we need to focus on”.

-- Howard Jang, Executive Director, Arts Club Theatre Company

*As this is Vantage Point's first open enrolment workshop in Prince George, it is priced at members pricing ($95) for all participants, regardless of membership status at time of registration.

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Nanaimo and Prince George Workshop and Membership Package: When you register for this workshop by November 18, your organization can access a discounted Organizational Membership for $30. To learn more about this offer for not-for-profits in Prince George and Nanaimo, call Joyce at 604-630-5826 or email

**Please note that the City of Vancouver bursary program mentioned at the bottom of the page is not available for Prince George or Nanaimo

This workshop is based on the work of Susan Kenny Stevens, an internationally-recognized consultant, author and lecturer on management, financial and organizational issues pertaining to philanthropy and the non-profit sector.


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